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Killing It!

May the 4th be with you! It's already May and I'd like to think the 30-day gluten-free casein-free challenge I set for myself was a success! Sure, I was super hungry for the first week while I got in a groove, and then super hungry in the last week when I ran out of most of my good foods and refused to go to the grocery. Sure I've been craving pizza and some PROPER snacks (like a good Zoomers!) But let's focus on what went well:

1) Most of all, being able to eat without pain and without feeling gross afterwards has been amazing!

2) It honestly was not too difficult! That's mostly down to Mummy making different meals though - thanks Mummy! I now have a list of things that I need to learn how to make!

3) My food bill ended up about the same, mostly because the money I saved by not eating out compensated for the extra cost of my special groceries.

4) I don't own a scale so was not checking during the month, but I weighed myself a couple of days ago and I seem to be about 2lbs lighter...

5) But I'm pretty sure my body fat percentage has gone down a little (or maybe I'm just not feeling bloated anymore).

6) One night I had ice cream and a chocolate mug cake for dinner with zero guilt because everything is healthy!

Oh! And that whole notion that a gluten-free casein-free diet is going to make someone less autistic, nothing's changed there :) Still strange as ever!

I had decided quite early on that I would do this past April, but slowly try to reintroduce some foods to see if I could handle them. I didn't want my body forgetting what a good roti tastes like!!! So naturally, I put this plan into action on May 1st with a doubles, and on May 2nd with a beer. Both terrible ideas, sadly. Big no-no. So I guess this is my life now :( :( :( I'll try again some time later on, but knowing how I feel now with and without those foods in my system, that roti, doubles, pizza or beer better be realllllllll worth it!!!

All in all, it has been a positive experience so far, without a doubt. I've upped my cereal game so I'm no longer eating cardboard, and I got the proper gluten free dairy free vegan pizza (I had one years ago and was not impressed, but I also had the choice then of regular pizza; now it's either this or Mummy's cornmeal crust experiment!) Plus I found snacks so I can eat more than just ice cream! Things are looking up!

I'll check back in after this month to see if I'm still optimistic. And if I've mastered the art of gluten free bara...........and if I have finally gotten abs!


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