How to help her focus?

Hi new to the whole process. My daughter was diagnosed with autism - she is 3 she is on the spectrum, she doesn't eat food, but will eat cereal and snacks. She also isn't speaking like a normal 3 year old. We haven't started therapy yet but your place is on the list we had gotten from the doctor. Would like to know, what can I do to help my daughter learn and focus for a little longer than her normal time of 2 minutes, than getting distracted. From your message there are a few things going on that’s causing you concern - feeding issues, delayed speech/language development and decreased attention span. All of those things can have a myriad of causes, so it’s hard to give specific advice with

My son doesn't get full!

Good day. My son was diagnosed with classic ASD when he was 5. He is now 9. He has been homeschooled for the past two years because the mainstream school was not a happy experience for him. He is verbal, can read and write, and learns whatever fascinated him (mainly music and science). Our issue is that he eats and seems to have no "full" signal. Consequently he gorges on whatever carbs, dairy products and nuts he gets his hands on. He will not touch vegetables and meat/fish, but eats most fruits. We now strictly limit the availability of food and drinks in the home, but for his health sake, we need to help him develop healthier approaches to eating. Is this an issue that OT can address? #Tw

How will I know if he needs OT?

Good evening. I will start out with thanking you for answering us parents. I have a 3 yr old on the spectrum. He hasn't been valuated as yet as it's costly and his appt at mt hope is a year from now, but he has all the signs. My question is how will I know if he needs OT? He does a lot of things on his own but potty training and dressing himself is still troublesome, but otherwise he's very independent. #Twocents Independence is the hallmark of OT and when there’s difficulty achieving this independence (as is age appropriate), OT may be useful. As you strongly suspect your son has autism, he may have issues with sensory processing - maybe he’s sensitive to textures or sounds, or maybe he’s r

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