Self-regulation: From the Boardroom to the Classroom

Self-regulation: From the Boardroom to the Classroom You're at a three-hour meeting that you "need" to attend. Fifteen minutes into the meeting your mind wanders, you start thinking about all the things that need to be done, what to cook for dinner, bills that need to be paid, or how mad you got after that bad drive on the way to the meeting. Before you know it, you've missed out a chunk of what was said. Nevermind, you make a point to listen from now on. Fifteen more minutes pass and now you start to shift in your seat because the backs of your thighs are pressing into the seat, your neck hurts from looking down. You start to tap your foot or bite the pen, or even doodle on the paper pr

What Sensory Processing Difficulties Feels Like

What Sensory Processing Difficulties Feels Like I jump out of the car at the supermarket - here to pick up a few things with Mummy. It's the end of a mentally tiring day, so I'm feeling pensive. On top of that, I woke up this morning with a sore throat that is irritating more than anything else. As we go to step over the threshold at the supermarket's entrance, I suddenly feel that I don't want anything or anyone to touch me: I don't want to touch the cart because my hands will feel dirty, and I can't stand to have anyone near me. Unfortunately for me the supermarket is packed at this hour, and the first couple of aisles - fruits and veggies, pastas and tinned goods - are especially popu

What is OT?

This is the million dollar question and to be honest, one I don't always like answering because the answer can be so diverse. In university my friend and I would call "dibs" on who had to answer anytime someone asked us. Some years ago I was asked to answer the dreaded question for a promotion the OT Association was having, and decided to put it in a way that was easiest for me: a poem. WHAT IS OT? Occupational therapy didn’t come out of the blue, It’s been around for decades – it isn’t that new. Basically, it’s concerned with the things that we do That are meaningful to us and help us get through. Whether it’s paid employment or leisurely play, Or what we do to care for ourselves each day.

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