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One week down...

Actually it's more like 10 days. You know what? It hasn't been too bad! No cravings yet for "worldly" foods, although today I'm starting to feel for some kind of snack (my ice cream stock has finished, I need to replenish!) Mummy has kept on making various things so I've had a variety of different types of foods. I've found that the more natural foods are fine (potatoes etc), but the substitute foods are a big adjustment. A few days ago I had deviled eggs with vegan mayo, followed by some red lentil pasta with vegan cheese (and pasta sauce). I started feeling a little dizzy after the eggs (still not ok with eating eggs), but the smell, texture and taste of the pasta and cheese was too much; I felt sick for hours afterwards. Too much too soon I guess. My gluten free cereal tastes like cardboard with bland chocolate dust, and the gluten free crackers taste like communion bread. Gotta eat it though! I've had cornmeal crusted "pizza" that was interesting....decent, but can't really be called a pizza since I could barely hold it! My new favourite thing is potato cakes to feel fancy instead of eating mashed potatoes. Oh, and smoothies.

All in all, I'm doing ok, but I'm really hungry. I'm definitely not eating enough because I don't have things that I would readily feel to eat. As picky eaters will tell you, feeling hungry is not enough to make us eat - if we're not comfortable with what we're eating, we'll rather starve, or drink water, or eat something preferred that is not filling (this was where my ice cream helped in the past few days). I'll be heading back to the fancy grocery soon to see what else I can get. I didn't go too crazy last time because I did not want to spend too much money, but seeing as my normal groceries are limited since I can't have most of my usual items, I can indulge a bit more.

On the health side of things (the whole reason for this!), I still have some intermittent stomach issues, though definitely not like before. I'm sure some of it is related to not eating enough, or often enough. Still, the fact that my insides are calm and I can eat without being in pain says a it's more cardboard for me!


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