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Groups and Programmes at Opal Kids


Several groups and programmes are offered throughout the year at Opal Kids. Be sure to contact us if you think one or more is right for your child!

Alert Group

The Alert Programme uses a sensory-based approach to help children become more aware of their own bodies, and improve their attention. It teaches that we have an engine which can be in a high, low, or just right gear, and helps children learn strategies they can use to adjust their engines as needed throughout the day.


The programme is suitable for any age, as it can be adapted to meet the needs and level of the student. It can be done in a group setting - small groups or even classrooms, or it can be done on an individual basis.

Write Moves

The Write Moves handwriting programme was specifically designed by Opal Kids to address all the skills needed for efficient handwriting - strength and coordination of the large and small muscle groups, visual skills, pencil grasp, dexterity, and of course, handwriting. 


The programme is offered in different age groups to ensure that your child will have a tailored approach.


This programme is unique to Opal Kids and was developed to target not just self-regulation and emotional regulation skills, but also focus on kids' confidence, self-esteem and problem-solving skills. It uses techniques from the Zones of Regulation curriculum to work on self-regulation; however it also incorporates mindfulness techniques and other activities to improve a child's mental health.

Other groups

New and innovative groups are regularly being developed by Opal Kids based on our clients' changing needs. Keep checking our website and our Facebook page for groups and programmes!


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