Our webinars are designed to provide a wealth of information on a particular topic. Check our schedule below and follow our Facebook page and Instagram for information on upcoming live webinars so that you can join in! Recordings are readily available for the low cost of $100TT per webinar, and would include any additional resources if applicable.  

How to view recorded webinars

1. Make your payment of $100 TT via online banking or direct deposit (account details below).

2. Send a copy of your receipt of payment to admin@opalkids.org. Include the name of the webinar you would like to view in the email.

3. You will receive the link to the webinar and you can start viewing immediately!

Bank account information

Bank: Republic Bank (Tragarete Road)

Name: Aliya Drakes

Account number: 290 003 353 531

Type: Savings

Available recordings

OT in the Home

  • Learn how different chores can help with development

  • Games and fun activities that you can do from home, with materials you already have.

  • 1 hour 25 mins

  • Booklet included

OT and potty training - an overview

  • What to look for when potty training your child

  • How to help the process along and when to start, and troubleshoot any concerns you have

  • 1 hour 22 mins

  • Handouts included

Eating and Feeding Issues

  • Difference between picky and problem eaters

  • Possible causes of eating and feeding issues

  • Strategies and tips  for home

  • 2 hours

Understanding and Implementing Sensory Diets

  • What is a sensory diet?

  • Understanding sensory processing

  • Implementing a sensory diet with OT guidance

  • 1 hour

Setting up a school work space at home

  • What makes for a conducive learning space

  • Factors to consider

  • 53 mins

  • Free to view until 1/10/2020 on Opal Kids' YouTube channel

Occupational Therapy and ADHD

  • How OT helps to manage ADHD symptoms

  • 10 factors to consider

  • 59 mins

Occupational Therapy and Autism

  • How OT helps with Autism

  • Play skills

  • Autism strengths

  • Environmental factors

  • 1hr 2 mins

Handwriting 101

  • Development of handwriting skills

  • Activities and tips for all ages

  • 1hr 34 mins

  • Handout included with additional tips

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