Services offered at Opal Kids



Assessments, Consultations and Screenings



Assessments are carried out to determine a child's current level of functioning. The assessment may focus on the following areas of development:


  • Fine motor development: hand skills such as and strength and coordination, dexterity.

  • Gross motor development: skills involving larger muscle groups such as balance, coordination, core and body strength.

  • Handwriting: pencil grasp, formation and spacing of letters, handwriting efficiency.

  • Visual Perception: skills needed for efficient performance such as organising school work, letter spacing, copying shapes or designs.

  • Adaptive skills: attention and focus, transitioning from one activity to another

  • Self-care skills: dressing, toileting, following routines.


Consultations involve a parent and child meeting to discuss more immediate needs and a plan of action.

Handwriting or motor skill screenings are carried out to students to determine handwriting needs, and sensory or motor challenges that affect performance. It is not an assessment, but a quick evaluation of presenting issues.

Clinical sessions


Following an assessment or screening, therapy may be recommended to work on developing skills that need to be improved. Therapy focuses on treating difficulties related - but not limited - to:

  • Developmental delays

  • Autism spectrum disorder

  • Sensory processing issues

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other attention difficulties

  • Down Syndrome

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Dyspraxia and other motor coordination difficulties

  • Dysgraphia/handwriting difficulties

  • Other conditions or presentations that affect any aspect of daily functioning.


Therapy is usually done on an individual basis and offered once per week. Specific group sessions are also offered; learn more here.



This is our newest service to be added to our repertoire! Telehealth can be done in place of, or in addition to face-to-face sessions.

Telehealth/teletherapy is a growing method of providing therapy services, without the immediate need of face to face sessions. With this method, the therapist and family utilises a secure video conferencing platform to conduct the OT session.

Teletherapy can offer a variety of options for families that range from parent consultation sessions to interactive sessions. 

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Workshops and Training Sessions
Opal Kids offers teacher or parent workshops and training sessions on a variety of topics - attention in the classroom, motor skills, and handwriting skills, and occupational therapy in the home. These interactive workshops help parents, teachers and others help children who may struggle with issues that ultimately affect their performance. By learning how to address these issues and rectify them in a non-invasive way, teachers can continue lessons with minimal interruption, and parents are in a better position to understand and help their children.
Contact Opal Kids if you would like to set up a workshop or group training session.