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We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of our clients locally, regionally and internationally.

Occupational Therapy may be recommended to help improve functional or daily skills, address concerns with sensory processing, regulation skills or motor skills. We usually begin the process with a consultation to discuss immediate concerns and needs. If a further assessment is needed, it is done in a strengths-based manner, focusing on maximising your child's current abilities, and creating goals to meet their needs and provide support as needed. 

Our virtual sessions can be done in place of, or in addition to face-to-face sessions. With this method, the therapist and family utilises a secure video conferencing platform to conduct the OT session. Teletherapy can offer a variety of options for families that range from parent consultation sessions to interactive sessions, and you can learn more about it here



Our newest service is Opal Kids Premium. With these packages you get discounts on all webinars, courses and workshops provided by Opal Kids, as well as a consultation session with our Director, Aliya Drakes, and lots of exclusive content on this website! Each Premium package can potentially save you hundreds of dollars each year, and you get a wealth of information, guidance and support! Contact us to sign up and get started! 

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