Aliya Drakes

Aliya was destined to work with children – at a young age she would play "school" with her stuffed animals, and even nail polish bottles! Several years later, she began her journey in the rehabilitation field at Barbados Community College, where she attained an Associate’s Degree in Rehabilitation Therapy Technology, majoring in Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy. She went on to study Occupational Therapy at Brunel University in the UK. 


Since graduating, she has worked in Trinidad & Tobago, England, and has done voluntary OT work in St. Lucia - all in the field of pediatric occupational therapy. 


She fulfilled a decade-old dream to have her own practice when Opal Kids was formed. Naming the clinic as a tribute to her late grandmother, to whom she credits much of her success, Aliya envisioned a place where children and families receive quality therapeutic care in a welcoming environment.


She is currently pursuing her Masters in Special and Additional Learning Needs to assist in the development of Occupational Therapy services within the school system. 


Words of wisdom: "If we all sing the same note in a choir then we'd never have harmony." (Gladys Hardy from "Ellen")

Clinical Director, Occupational Therapist Registered

Shauna Taylor

Shauna is a former student of Holy Faith Convent Penal, known for her outstanding contribution towards the performing arts at the school. Shauna is heavily involved in the performing arts and has landed herself many titles in the areas of dance, choir, music and drama. She graduated from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine in 2014 with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics, minoring in Speech and Language Pathology, and holds a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of the Southern Caribbean. Shauna has a strong passion and love for music, philanthropy and for the last 5 years occupational therapy. She aspires to use her skills and talents in making communities in Trinidad and Tobago a better place. Her focus lies in paediatric and rehabilitative Occupational Therapy as she hopes to one day create more opportunities for citizens to receive the treatment they need in the public health care systems and especially in the schools of Trinidad and Tobago.

Shauna works at our South office.

Occupational Therapist Registered

Chantaul Burgess

Chantaul is an alumna of the University of the Southern Caribbean in Maracas St Joseph. Through her experience at the university and her Christian faith, she has developed the ethos and drive for service to others. She enjoys working with children and youth and does this through church and other non-governmental organizations. She looks forward to greatly supporting the entire family while she provides service through occupational therapy. She also looks forward to supporting and preparing teens and young adults with disabilities who are transitioning from school to the community or world of work. She believes that everyone has a gift, everyone has a purpose, everyone can it is her goal to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to use their gift, fulfill their passion and give back.

Chantaul operates out of our East office.

Occupational Therapist Registered

Zakia Malchan-Murray

Zakia Malchan-Murray was born in the Borough of Arima in the beautiful twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago. A wife, a mother, a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service as a Firefighter and as an Emergency Medical Technician with over twenty-two years of experience.

Zakia has a passion to serve and help persons of all ages. This passion has led her to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology at the University of the Southern Caribbean. Seeing the need to further develop herself, she decided to read for her Master of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy.

Zakia has developed a passion for the profession of Occupational Therapy. She has gained considerable fieldwork experience in orthopedic rehabilitation, pediatrics and mental health and as a result, she intends to use this experience to implement the Work Hardening program at her current place of employment.

Zakia volunteers within her community and with other organizations and hopes to one day be an advocate for Occupational therapy in Schools.

Zakia works part-time at our East office.

Occupational Therapist Registered

Helen Drakes

Helen is the friendly and comforting voice you will hear when you call Opal Kids! She is responsible for managing the phone and the schedules of all our therapists, sending out online receipts, and various other administrative duties. 

She's a devoted grandma to Kayla and Benjamin, and when she's not doing her grandma duties, she enjoys keeping busy and active by exercising and gardening. She has completed two triathlons during her retirement (at the urging of Aliya) and insists she's never doing another one again...but we'll see!!!


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