Aliya Drakes

Aliya was destined to work with children – at a young age she would play "school" with her stuffed animals, and even nail polish bottles! Several years later, she began her journey in the rehabilitation field at Barbados Community College, where she attained an Associate’s Degree in Rehabilitation Therapy Technology, majoring in Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy. She went on to study Occupational Therapy at Brunel University in the UK. 


Since graduating, she has worked both in Trinidad & Tobago and England, always in the field of pediatric occupational therapy.  She returned home because she felt that she would make more of a positive difference due to the lack of services available.


She fulfilled a decade-old dream to have her own practice when Opal Kids was formed. Naming the clinic as a tribute to her late grandmother, to whom she credits much of her success, Aliya envisioned a place where children and families receive quality therapeutic care in a welcoming environment.


She is a current member of the Trinidad and Tobago Occupational Therapy Association (TTOTA), Association of Caribbean Occupational Therapists (ACOT), as well as the Occupational Therapy/ Speech Language Pathology Board of Trinidad and Tobago.


Aliya is usually recognizable by her big grin, and maybe some bright, mis-matched socks .


Words of wisdom: "If we all sing the same note in a choir then we'd never have harmony." (Gladys Hardy from "Ellen")

Clinical Director, Occupational Therapist Registered

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