Star Programme

The Opal Kids Star Programme was introduced in July 2017 and focuses on developing specific skills sets through games and activities. These groups run for forty-five (45) minutes and children will have the opportunity to learn, practice and develop their skills in a small group setting. These groups are ideal for children who are working on mastering a particular skill and need more focused attention in that area.

The benefit of the Star Programme is that you can pick and choose the groups, and also how many groups your child can attend. You can only make a couple of groups? Your child would benefit from three skills groups but you can only make a couple sessions per group?* Not a problem. With each session your child will learn something that he/she can take away and use in their everyday lives.  

(* In 2020 our Star Programme will be run as set programmes on an individualised basis, owing to COVID-19 restrictions.)

New groups are added according to our clients' needs; keep checking our schedule for new groups each Star Programme schedule.

2020 Star Programme

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  • Age recommendation: 4-6yrs

  • Suitable for: children going into first or 2nd year; children who need to develop prewriting or fine motor skills for school

  • Skills addressed: cutting, colouring, drawing, writing letters and numbers

  • Number of sessions: 7

  • Duration of session: 45 mins

Star Programme groups

Fine Motor Skills

Dexterity, grip, strength and coordination are all components of fine motor skills that help us do all our everyday tasks. This group addresses those areas with fun activities and crafts. Suitable for a developmental level of 6-10 years.

Dressing Skills

From managing fasteners such as zips and buttons, to making laces a no-hassle affair, this group focuses on aspects of dressing that may be difficult for some children. Suitable for ages 4+.

Magic 7 Sensory Group

Using the Magic 7 programme, this group is ideal for children who need help with self-regulation due to sensory issues. Each session addressed a different sense and children will do various activities to see how this sense affects their self-regulation. By the end of the sessions, they will have a great idea of what techniques and tips help to keep them calm and focused! Suitable for ages 7-12, for children who have appropriate cognition.

*It is strongly recommended that all sessions are attended for this group.

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School Readiness

Going into "big school" is a milestone and some children need a little more preparation to ensure that they have the best experience. In this group we will look at skills such as using scissor, mastering letters and numbers, and body coordination. Suitable for ages 4-6.


This group uses yoga sequences to promote relaxation, balance, agility and coordination. Suitable for ages 7+.

*This group is only available at our Port-of-Spain branch

Social Skills

Social skills are an extremely important aspect of everyday life, and many of our chidlren struggle to learn these skills naturally. This group helps children learn valuable skills such as turn taking, problem solving, emotional control, manners and making friends.  Suitable for ages 5-8.

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