Opal Kids is a private therapy practice with locations in north, south and East Trinidad. We provide Occupational Therapy evaluation and treatment for children from birth to eighteen years.


A range of interventions is offered to address sensory, motor or cognitive difficulties in both the home and school environments. Workshops are also offered for parents, teachers, and others involved in childcare. 


Opal Kids' occupational therapists are registered with the Council for Professions Related to Medicine, and are passionate about providing the best quality service to clients and their families. 

Opal Kids also partners with Kevin Ching, Developmental Therapist, to provide behavioural and social intervention at its Port-of-Spain branch.

Occupational therapy helps people of all ages and stages of life to achieve their best level of independence in all their everyday activities, when they are faced with injury, illness or disability - whether physical, mental or emotional. In children, occupational therapy helps those who have difficulty with home tasks - dressing or organising their day as age-appropriate; school tasks - paying attention, participating in games, or handwriting; or playing appropriately with peers. 

What is Occupational Therapy?

What's New?


Our annual Star Programme is back! Our unique programmes target specific skills; this "bottom-up" approach ensures that any gaps in development are addressed. 

Although we won't have group sessions this year, we still bring you the fun and function of our Star Programme throughout the months of July and August!

Click here for the breakdown of each programme.


Opal Kids introduces #twocents, its advice column for parents, teachers, professionals...anyone! Have a question for an OT that you haven't been able to ask? (Sometimes our fault, there aren't enough work hours in a day!) This advice column was created just for that! Quick and easy: send in your question, get it answered! We'd be happy to help 😀

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Opal Kids is pleased to provide telehealth services for its clients. While this is certainly not an option for all, it can be an extremely useful medium of delivering therapy.

Click here to learn more on this growing method of providing services, and watch our webinar for parents!

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