Opal Kids is a private therapy practice with locations in Cascade, Arima and San Fernando to serve clients all over Trinidad. We have a vibrant team of therapists who provide Occupational Therapy treatment for children from birth to eighteen years.

A range of interventions is offered to address sensory, motor, cognitive or other functional  in both the home and school environments. Workshops are also offered for parents, teachers, and others involved in childcare. 

Opal Kids' occupational therapists are registered with the Council for Professions Related to Medicine, and are passionate about providing the best quality service to clients and their families. 

Occupational therapy helps people of all ages and stages of life to achieve their best level of independence and function in all their everyday activities when they are faced with injury, illness or any difference which requires additional support - whether physical, mental or emotional. 

What is Occupational Therapy?

Our philosophy

Opal Kids is a neurodiversity-affirming practice, which means that we understand and respect that we have different neurotypes, and there is no one "normal" to which we must strive. At Opal Kids we value each child as an individual with unique thoughts, interests and personalities. With that in mind, our philosophy is to "see the child first." We work within an occupational model of treatment, meaning that we take into account the families' values, goals and interests when planning therapy goals. 

October 2022 Groups

This month, we have four groups at our Cascade branch and one group at our San Fernando branch. Don't worry - groups at our East branch are coming soon!

To register for any group, click here. Please note that registration is not complete until payment is made. 

Payment plan option: 50% due at the start of the group and the balance due at week 4 of the group.

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